We understand the local market better than anyone

Nicole brings her years of experience, as an established market researcher & analyst and knowledge of Spain, to the Marbella Now TV community with her undying passion to make a difference.

“If your company is not of the likes of Coca Cola there is no marketing budget sufficient to keep your product or company in the public´s eye for long enough or often enough to make a long-term difference. Unless you know what we know…

How can we help you?


Collaborating with Nicole King and her team is a unique opportunity to reach a huge audience in a creative, fun and compelling way, on and off air, keeping your name on the tip of everyone´s tongue:

“It´s not what you know or who you know that matters, it´s who knows you.”

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Broadcast on the RTV Marbella and watched in all Marbella Hotels, live streamed & online. Under the banner of Marbella Now is a unique English-spreaking program with equal influence off air on a day to day basis with 137 Nationalities living and working on the Costa del Sol.


We reach over 4000 highly targeted local people each week on Facebook alone. Our viewer engagement and shareable info within the framework of the show makes for highly visible content placing you in front of the people that matter. Our website features the latest links to all the programs & local interest articles.


Each week The Marbella Moments half page feature written by Nicole King is distributed the length of the entire Costa del Sol in 46,000 copies of the Euro Weekly Newspaper. In addition we receive extensive coverage for our visibility campaigns for awareness issues such as Zero Heros & annual United Nationalities Summit


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